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8 sept 2015

History about hammocks

The hammock is a bundle of thread, string or fabric suspended in the air held only at its ends and is used mostly for sleep, relax or making rocking swing like a swing. Normally hammocks are panels of yarn or woven together to form a body big and strong to support the weight of at least one person, in different regions of the world also enough fabric is used to manufacture them ropes. Originally hammocks were used by the ancient Maya to rest and sleep, centuries later began to use to rest and sleep in places with smaller spaces in which it was not possible to have access to a bed or chair.

Hanmade Hammock - Mayan Artisan

For thousands of years indigenous peoples have woven hammocks. Besides tomatoes, corn, potatoes and cocoa, Europeans have learned from the Mayas people and the utility that others can have a hammock. Hammocks RADA (c) has combined the best weaving techniques with the best quality materials, modern and traditional to make handwoven hammocks is the best that the world has ever produced! All hammocks are woven by Mayan families living in remote villages around Yucatán Capital. Most of the money you spend on a hammock return to the community of Mayan weavers.

The hammock as an icon of America herself: engraving by Theodor Galle after Stradanus, ca 1630

Mayan hammocks are made in remote villages surrounding the capital of Yucatan, Merida, and are sold all over the world as well as locally. They were not part of the era of the Classic Maya civilization; which it is said to have come to the Mérida, Yucatán from the Caribbean less than two centuries before the Spanish conquest. Modern quality hammocks native and depends largely on the quality of material, thread. Mayan style hammocks are made on a loom and are handmade by men and women. Hammocks are so symbolically and culturally important to the Yucatan people that even the most humble of homes have hammock at their living rooms.

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